Course Code: 30524, Lectures: 2, Credits: 2

Comprehension of the central aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship, and managing R&D in a commercial, entrepreneurial organization, and the study of the strategies and the methods of managing them.

The importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in an organization, and their impact on the strategy and the commercial results; process of innovation in commercial entrepreneurship as a critical process; creating an environment friendly to innovation; preparing the organization for managing and coping with the challenge of innovation and entrepreneurship; managing and allocating resources for innovation; the R&D program of a technological venture; joint ventures between organizations for the creation of the technological innovation.

At the conclusion of the course, the students will be capable of selecting development processes which will be commercially directed, both from the aspect of managing resources in the key organization, and in adapting the product or the services to the requirements of the market and its competitive environment.


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