Course Code: 30522, Lectures: 3, Credits: 3

Study of methods of analyzing, planning, managing, and monitoring the efficient execution of a project with an engineering – technological nature.
To allow the students to learn advanced management methods and tools for project management, together with the acquisition of knowledge and experience in those fields.

Technological leadership, the engineer’s job – basic tools (reports, literature, configuration control, standards, planning tools, etc.) characteristic engineering errors. GANTT chart method, project planning with the aid of an Arrow Network diagram, the Critical Path Method (CPM), the Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT); optimization of resource usage; planning the execution of a project in conditions of uncertainty, and risk management; probability arrow network; Theory Of Constraints (TOC) as a management tool in a technological project; project analysis by TOC; project management by Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), as an alternative to the Critical Path (CPM). Methods of monitoring and controlling a project; concept of quality, knowledge management.

At  the conclusion of the course, the students will be capable of taking their place in the management team of a technological project. The students will be capable of planning and establishing technological ventures, based on the principles of the required methodology.


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  3. Project Management, a System Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling. PMBOK, Project Management Body of Knowledge, Harold Kerzner, 11th ed

Recommended Reading

  1. Harold R. Krezner, Project Management, 2th
  2. Shlomo Globerson. “Operations Management and Improvement of Performance”.
  3. Globerson, Shtub, “Project Management: Planning, Performance and Control”.