Course Code: 30502, Lectures: 2, Credits: 2

Acquisition of the ability to cope with real issues which the students will meet during their professional careers, concerning assets rich in intellectual property rights – patents, trademarks, copyright, etc., and economic conduct in the business world.

Presentation of the importance of intellectual property as a principal component in the strategy of a hi-tech company. Presentation of the different, legal forms of protection of Intellectual Property (IP) with the emphasis on patents and copyrights, and a short presentation of the concepts of “commercial secret” and trademarks; examples from various fields: information, IT, biotech, forms of purchasing and trading IP rights. Intellectual Property strategies, freedom of action, breach, and enforcement.

At the conclusion of the course, the students will be able to identify situations in which they must protect Intellectual Property, take actions - together with legal counsel - to protect Intellectual Property, and select the best choice from the options they face.


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