Course Code: 30533, Lectures: 2, Credits: 2

To provide a fundamental understanding, without any exceptional skills, of the legal infrastructure of start-up companies in the field of technological and/or engineering development.

Principles of the Companies Law; legal issues that the organization or venture, that deals in technological and/or engineering development, is likely to come across, such as, commercial disputes, finance, bankruptcy, re-organization, international aspects, mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Commercial contracts and fundamental concepts in start-up companies, such as, company deeds, licensing agreements, confidentiality agreements. Fundamental concepts in international regulation. Examples and test cases will be brought from the fields of engineering, technology, and patents, etc.

At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to understand contracts and ways of entering into contracts during the company’s lifespan with investors, suppliers and customers to: found a technological venture, incorporate as a company, make shareholders’ agreements, register share capital, and write deeds.

The Companies Law, edited by Prof. Yoseph Gross, 2015 edition.

Recommended Reading
Eitan Wolf – Holtz, Companies – for the Manager, Director, and Shareholder; Globes Library. First Edition, 2014