Program Goals

The Technological Entrepreneurship Program provides graduates of engineering or science undergraduate programs with the unique multidisciplinary knowledge in engineering, business, and management as well as the systemic views, tools, and methods that will enable them to become entrepreneurs and/or managers who can:

establish and manage a
new technology enterprise

integrate into an
evolving technological enterprise

initiate improvements to a large,
established technology corporation

Program Building Blocks

The program's three building blocks consist of areas of expertise that technological entrepreneurs need to be able to establish, develop, and manage technological entrepreneurships.

1. Technological Engineering

  • exposure to a variety of advanced technologies
  • strategic thinking
  • work plans
  • risk management
  • research
  • development management

2. Behavioral Sciences

  • technological leadership
  • organizational integration
  • organizational learning
  • advanced project management
  • systems engineering
  • inventive thinking

3. Business and Economics

  • entrepreneurial economics
  • finance
  • business plan writing
  • negotiation management
  • market understanding and marketing
  • digital marketing
  • legal aspects of entrepreneurship
  • intellectual property protection

Master's Degree (M.A.) in Technological Entrepreneurship

This multidisciplinary program provides students with cutting-edge engineering, business management, and marketing knowledge and tools that enable them, during their studies, to develop technological ventures in their workplaces. Program graduates are qualified to address all aspects of successful technological entrepreneurships - from the idea stage, through the business strategy formulation, and finally to the marketing of the new or improved technological process, product, or service.

JCE’s Technological Entrepreneurship Program trains engineering and science graduates to initiate and manage

  • successful development of new technological processes, products, and services

  • significant improvements to existing technological processes, products, and services

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The Uzi Wexler Technological Entrepreneurship Graduate Program

In 1999, Uzi Wexler z"l initiated and founded the Azrieli College of Engineering in Jerusalem in order to train skilled personnel in the fields of industry in Jerusalem. He served voluntarily as president of the college until 2012. He then served as chairman of the board of directors and vice chairman of the board of trustees, a position he held until the day he passed away (June 19, 2017).

While Uzi contributed greatly to the city of Jerusalem, he wrote the following in his book. "When asked what the most important thing I did in Jerusalem, I have no hesitation. It is true that everyone is important. It is true that I invested thought, efforts, often also wars…. Yes I declare wholeheartedly that the most important thing I have done in Jerusalem is the Azrieli College of Engineering. There I did not deal with measurements and stones. There it is about people."